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The most successful brands know Search and Digital Marketing is key in driving awareness and capturing the intent of consumers. We’ve helped brands across Finance, Automotive, Retail, Telecom and various other verticals reach their marketing and business goals. What stays the same, time and time again, is our commitment to finding surprising, data driven solutions that actually make a difference.

Case Studies

Optimizing Beyond Last Click:

Driving & Measuring Store Visits with Google Search


A retail client faces a unique challenge in paid search advertising efforts as they compete in the generic space against e-commerce enabled retailers. To expand on awareness based campaigns, we wanted to further assign value to paid search campaigns, and optimize towards a quantifiable KPI.


We implemented Google store visit conversions and paired them with in-store sales data to develop a ROAS model specific to paid search activity. This led to a shift in KPI, from CPC for site visit, to CPC for store visit.


After a short data collection period, we began to implement bid by distance and device modifiers to optimize toward store visit conversions. A custom formula column for ROAS was built into the data studio dashboard for full cycle reporting from click to return.


Chart spanning January to May 2018, showing an increase in conversion rate and in-store ROAS

A shift in KPI prioritization allowed us to think differently about how to optimize against store visit conversions. By analyzing the bid by distance performance data, we were able to determine that searches from 1-5km from each store location were top converting. Bid adjustments were made accordingly to drive an overall increase in store visit conversions and ROAS.

Main KPI’s:
  • Online Transaction CPA (gift cards)
  • Time on Site/Engagement
  • Micro-Conversions: Newsletter sign-up
  • Micro-Conversions: Store locate
Main KPI’s:
  • In-Store ROI
  • Total Store Visits
  • Cost Per Store Visit
  • Store Visit Rate

Synergize Drives +300% Increase in Conversion Rate with an Always on UAC


In a competitive, fast paced digital environment, a financial services client was looking to promote their mobile app, offering ease of banking to their customer base.

After running a seasonal Universal App Campaign (UAC) test, the client was looking to continue to drive app installs while maintaining or reducing cost per install.


Moving away from seasonal Universal App Campaign activations, we implemented an always on approach. Data from previous UACs was leveraged to define a cost per install guardrail of $6.00.


Optimizing against an always on app campaign drove a 303% increase in app install conversion rate, and a 58% decrease in cost per install, falling well below the $6.00 guardrail.

As a next step, we have recommended incorporating video assets, which on average results in an additional 16% increase in conversion rate.


Chart showing a 303% increase in install rate at efficient CPI. 58% Cost Per Install


TMNA logo

Synergize named Search AOR for Toyota Portland/Denver

Synergize continues to grow its Toyota Tier 2 and Dealer Portfolio in the US

November 19, 2020

Toyota Portland/Denver Region has chosen Synergize as its Paid Search Agency of Record for Tier 2 and the Dealer Business. This comes after several years of growth in the US for Synergize across several regions. Synergize has developed an exceptional reputation for its business-first approach and high level of client service. This was a pivotal competent that played heavily into the win.

TMNA logo

Synergize named Search AOR for Toyota Motors North America

TMNA Chooses Synergize to run their National Search Program

November 12, 2020

Toyota Motors North America (USA) has chosen Synergize as its Paid Search National Agency of Record. This comes after several years of growth in the US as Synergize has become the Dealer AOR for the Chicago Region, the Tier 2 and Dealer AOR for the New York Region and the Parts and Service AOR for Tier 3 for South East Toyota. Synergize’s performance-driven approach and client service model has gained a strong reputation in the US market, and was pivotal for this win.

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Saatchi & Saatchi Canada wins Quesada Burritos and Tacos

National restaurant chain chooses Saatchi after multi-agency pitch.

September 19, 2018

Quesada Burritos and Tacos has chosen Saatchi & Saatchi Canada as its agency of record, after a multi-agency pitch.

Quesada was looking for an integrated agency to increase restaurant sales, guest count and brand recognition over the next few years. Saatchi responded with an integrated approach that included everything from the broad strategic positioning of the company, communications planning, right down to the way Quesada could optimize their performance with online ordering apps.

Client and agency are currently in the planning stage, and their first campaign together is expected in late 2018.